Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Monday again!

It's Monday again! I remember when I worked in Hong Kong, I hate every single Monday because it will be a long week for me, and I can't tell people when I can leave office everyday, I missed my kids while I was working at the office. It was a crazy job!

Now I still a bit dislike Monday because it is the busier day in the week, 2 loads of laundries, a lot of cleaning, tidy up after kids making a mess during the weekend. It is about minus 15 'c today, which is the coldest day in this winter so far.

This morning,  I am so glad that Micah was doing very well in the morning lesson, it covers :

1. Letter C- learned the words : Cat, Coat, Cake, Carrot, Clock. ( He can recognize the words after
                  3 times reading)

2. Songs- sing again " I love you" and " rain rain go away" ( I am surprising he can sing the song " rain rain
                go away " and remember the melody! He just learned last week... so I promised to myself that I
                should teach him more )

3. story- The tiny soldiers ( I love the big book that somebody gave me )
4. Chinese - learned the word " 天".
5. coloring : color his favourite book - Thomas and friends

After school, Moses read his book but now he needed some private time, he preferred to read it at his room, as he keeps complaining to me that Micah always loves to bother him, no matter he is reading or playing with toys.. He does not understand his little brother loves to learn from him.

It's Monday again!

He is showing me the word" candy".


Chinese word

while I was doing the laundry, he played with his toys.
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It's Monday again!

Wondering if he is left-handed ? I observed him many times, he tends to use his left hand, can I correct him ?

He prefers to have some quiet time.. reading in his room.

They are five years apart, sometimes it is hard for Micah to join with Moses when Moses is playing with his own story.

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