Monday, April 18, 2011

First French class - Micah and me ??

Today it is the first day I go to Magma for the French class, while Man drove us off to Main street in the morning 8:15 that I have plenty of time to enjoy another cup of coffee in Tim Horton before Magma opens.
Micah asked for the chocolate donut when he approached the counter. I was thankful that recently he eats more, and it seems that he is gaining weight. Even he had his bowl of cereal and yogurt for his breakfast this morning, his tummy can still reserve the room for the donut!

We arrived Magma at 8:45 am, Micah became very nervous when we entered into the childminding room, he understood that he had to stay there without me. He started to cry......... I passed his snack, extra clothes to the babysitter then moved to the classroom upstairs. I ignored his cry as I knew he can be settled very soon.

There were total 8 students in my class including myself, it is so called " Level I" but it seems that it's the advanced level, because the other classmates have been in this class for few months or less, they learned
some basic while I am the brand new. The teacher didn't teach with any textbook, it is the interactive way learning , in which we learn French thru the communication, discussion and making sentences . I really don't know how to follow and what they are talking about. The teacher asked them individually what they did during weekend, and all they spoke are French. I am so surprising that some only started the class 2 months ago, or few weeks ago, but they know how to make new sentences! I hope I am one of them!

Mon, Ta, Ma, ...I cannot recognize which is which. It is my first class. But I love the way he teaches, it has fun!
When I picked up Micah after class finish, I saw him sitting down and drawing something, the babysitter said he cried for about 20 mins and then stopped , he enjoyed having fun with the other kids. They have story time, art and craft, free play time and snack time... I am sure he loves it eventually!