Tuesday, March 13, 2012

more snapshots in feb /March 2011

March 11- first day of pre-school

Micah started pre-school on March 11 Monday, he was so excited and asked me where we will go in the morning, and I told him he will start going to school! He cannot distinglish what the difference among Magma childminding, Sunday school at church, preschool at small blessing or other play group. To kids, the most importance is to let them play play play...

When he entered into the classroom of Small Blessing, his teacher Debbie came to him and said " good morning Micah, how are you today ?".he was a bit shy and didn't want to respond.. ( it wasn't his character, I know!)  He just pretended to be shy . Ms Debbie then brought him to a table and let him play with lego, and then said bye to me immediately.

It was a very good start and I hope he can learn more from there. I am very glad that I could have some private time for myself, and I plan to go jogging !  Time to do some exercise!

some snapshots feb to March 2012

    it is so funny that now both Moses and Micah compete each other in order to get as many as credits from me if they can achieve those targets every day. If they can get over 20 "ticks" a week, they can get $ 0.25 so that they can save those dollars.

                        snow day .. but it was too good that we didn't have much snow this winter 2012 .

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012(Jan 27)

Since we have moved to Moncton, we no longer celebrated any official Chinese New Year; There is a dinner celebration by the small Chinese community but we didn't join.
Besides Chinese, this new year ( so-called Lunar New Year) is also for Korean, Vietnamese. Magma is a Multi-cultural association so that it also has small celebration for the kids to enjoy.

On the first day of Chinese new year, our family has our own " new year foods", honestly, I never thought that I would cook those traditional meals, if I were in Hong Kong, I would have visited mom, and other relatives during the new year holiday, in which I just sat down and enjoyed the foods. But for the kids, I think it is no harm to let them have the feel of traditional festival.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my birthday Jan 18, 2012

Yesterday it was my Birthday, the morning my best friend Sarah called me and invited me to her house, Sujin came as well, and I was so spoiled by them , received wonderful presents and had snack time with them.

I feel so blessed that I could make a lot of good friends in Moncton, people here are so nice, when we developed our friendship, I truly feel the warmness and loves from them especially you don't have relatives here. Whenever you ask for help, they will give their hands without any hesitation. After being a mom, I feel that for my every single birthday, it is actually not big day to myself. Instead, the wishes and thankfulness should be for my parents, sometimes I am regret that I no longer see my dad as he has been passed away for 6 years, but we did have wonderful time together, though he was a very traditional Chinese father, no hug no kiss, even some arguments between us.

Yesterday I called mom and said thanks to her, whenever the birthday of your child, it might bring you back a lot of good memories. same does her , and me.  I appreciate my parents who brought me into the world, and brought me up to be a mom of two, and a wife of a man. Stepping into the stage of the life as is , I could experience what the up and down  of a life but I am so thankful that I have God, my parents, my hubby, my boys and my siblings,

Last night, we went to a Korean restaurant for supper , which was excellent, foods and service were perfect.  I suddenly remember we didn't take any photo on my birthday, no birthday cake as I don't want to have.  But a lot of loves and hugs from my " three " boys!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mommy, can you please not kiss me outside of our house?

I can't exactly remember when Moses asked me " Mommy, can you please not kiss me outside of our house? I feel so embarrassed . It was because I kissed and hugged him after he came out from the school. It was so funny. I guess it was about the time when he was just promoted to grade 3. Then I asked him why , and I told him because I loved him so much and I couldn't wait kissing him after school. He said I could do that inside our HOUSE, but not outside.

One time, I teased him when we were walking on the way back home after school, when I reached near his friend's house, I kissed his face without his alert.  " Oh, Mommy!! why did you do that ? did I tell you before ? you can only kiss me when you are inside our house..", I laughed immediately, I can't stop laughing .

Not only kissing, but also holding his hands near the school area is NOT ALLOWED.
But when he is at house, he always loves to sit on my lap or hug me at the times.