Monday, January 10, 2011

my cranky boy

Don't know what happen to him today... he was so cranky, he attached to me so much in the whole afternoon and didn't want take a nap.  I guess he is not feeling so well, I hope he can feel much better tomorrow, as he will have a little walk with the other kids in the church tomorrow morning.

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He could do it!

It was Jan 4 that our family went to Poley Mountain with Kim's family, Moses joined the 3-day ski camp, the kids are divided into different groups according to their ability, of course it was the first time Moses skiied,  he was the beginner. Mr Kim took him for a discover tour few days before the ski camp, he taught him the basic skills, how to stop, how to control his speed.

It was a nice day that wasn't too cold, or too chilly. Moses had 2 hour-class at 10:00am , then he moved to lunch with us. Halbert, Serena were the same group, while Justin was in the snowboard class.

I almost cannot believe my eyes, I was wondering why Moses could ski so well as a beginner level! Well done, good job Moses!  I still remember when he was in Hong Kong, he was so weak in sports. Sometimes we laughed at him because he ran too slowly, or he always couldn't perform himself in sport area. He didn't have confidence even we encouraged him . But today he proves to me that he can do this with the environment change, he got so much encourgement since he moved to Canada !  Too bad that I could not ski with him , I waited with Man and Moses in the cafeteria with Micah, though the all day long, I enjoyed very much watching his skiing, and glad that I could access into the internet with Wifi too!

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Micah's developement

Micah is 2 years 3 months now.. I think it is good to record his development, how nice that the kid can see his own development record when he grows up! I wish my mom has done it for me. I appreciate the advanced technology that helps me much to capture our important moments.

His first walk: when he was 14 months, he can walk step by step.
                      He can walk upstairs and downstair when he was about 24 months, maybe we have too many
                      stairs at house!

His first speech: cannot exactly remember, but he is a smart learner , whatever we speak, he can follow.
                         He can speak the full sentences, both in English and Cantonese .
                         sometimes it is funny that he will say " mommy, awesome! ".

new start of 2011

Time flies, it seems that it was just yesterday I had Moses's born , now he is 7 years old. I am thankful that God gave another son to me in 2008, he is Micah. it's great that they have siblings, isn't it?  It is a good start of 2011 that I should write something for them now. I was a busy mom when I worked in Hong Kong so that I didn't have time to write something everyday. I commit today that I should start now since I have been a homemaker over than one year, it's not an excuse !!