Thursday, March 24, 2011

His weight!

As Micah is a picky eater, I always concern that he cannot get good nutrition with unbalanced diet. Three months ago, I asked my family doctor to follow up this for him, and Micah has done the blood test to ensure he has enough iron, and if he has any other issues . Thanks God that he is doing well with his blood test, and he finally gained 3 pounds within this three months. Remember he didn't gain weight between from Sept to Dec, this time I should shout " yeah!!!!!!!!!" . Though he is still very tiny, skinny, he only has 28 lbs , I think it is fine as long as he is healthy and active !

Micah's conversation ( record so funny things that he speaks everyday...)

age                        his conversation

2.1/2 years             mom, what happen?
2.1/2 years             what's this?
2.1/2 years             媽咪你睇新聞呀。
2.1/2 years             .嘩,好熱呀。( when he eats something hot!)
2.1/2 years             mom, can you ? ( he asked for my help. )
2 year 9 m             he pretended to talk over the phone " Hello, I am good! I am Micah".
                             he answered me - Mom's name is Mon, Dad's name is Man.

** I am surprising why he can speak more English as we speak to him in Cantonese??

parent meeting March 24

Today we went to Moses's school for parent meeting, actually it isn't parent meeting with teacher, it is the time that kids have to present their profile to their parents about what they did in the class. Moses showed me his creative writing, and what he thinks he has been doing great, and what he thinks he needs improvement. I like the whole idea, and I love his presentation too!

His writing now is awesome! I hope he can keep it up and do much better to prepare the upcoming Provincial assessment in May.  He also showed me how they learn the maths in school, what his strategies for doing maths. I found that kids can be motiviated to do more in the class, so nice.

Moses, I love you!