Friday, January 28, 2011

reflection hall

This Tue Jan 25 was very chilly and cold , minus 25 with wind chill, all kids were dressed up warmly to protect themselves when they headed to school in the morning. Before Moses jumped into the car, I already reminded him that his mittens were in his school bag, and he should put them on in the car.

Every morning, some teachers and staffs from Moses's school will stay in the drop off area to assist the kids  His vice principle opened the car for Moses when Man stopped there, when he saw Moses without the mittens, he immediately put off his own and put on Moses's hand, he is a very nice
man and cares the kids very much!

Man also saw this from his rear-view mirror and he told me before I knew it from Moses.

After school, Moses told me that he was asked by his teacher to the reflection hall during lunch, and wrote on a paper to remind himself to put on the mittens /hat in the morning...  , I appreciate his teacher as I think kid should know from his lesson, sometimes parents have to remind him repeatedly but he won't follow, but
when the teacher asked him to do this, he will put it on his heart!

I am glad that Moses loves to share everything to me after school, even sometimes he thinks it is not good thing, he won't hide the fact!