Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what a chilly day!

Moncton just had few chilly days! Oh, it was minus 25'c yesterday that we really don't want to go out.
Moses loves science very much so we did some experiments yesterday, we borrowed some science books from library and he loves to pick some experiments to do! We did the " ghost legs" and " exploding stomach", it is fun that we can do learn  " exploding stomach " by using a balloon, some baking soda and white vinegar, the chemical reaction occurred between the acid in the vinegar and  a chemical in the powder, in which the balloon was larger because of extra carbon dioxide gas!

I find it is easier for us to educate our kids by making use a lot of tools like book, Internet, unlike the generation of my mom. 

Today my little class for Micah covers:

1. letter E ( words : egg, ear, eye, elephant )
2. singing song - two tiger( Mandarin  ) , head and shoulder ( English)
3. playing the flash cards

 - he can read 55 cards out of 63 ! wow, amazing! it is the good learning material "world family disney",
    which we bought for Moses when he was three.  Moses was able to speak
    English, and read books due to the help from this learning material.
    I found that Micah does not feel interested in watching their DVDs.. Anyway, he recognize the pictures
   and   words from those flash cards, and he can read those words to me! Amazing! ( words like - table,
    chair, house, garden , telephone, string... etc)

4. counting 1 to 10.


what a chilly day !

He always loves to give me surprise! He took off his pant and tee, and wanted to change this new tee but failed, he put it upside down!
doing the experiment with him from the scary science book we borrowed from library .
He was able to do the matching!
whenever Moses is having guiltar lesson , Micah loves to sit with him and learn. .. haha save more $$
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funs at YMCA

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