Tuesday, January 11, 2011

back to school after Christmas and new year break

Today Moses is back to school from his Christmas and new year break, last night he didn't want to go to bed at 9:00, when he went to bed, it was almost 10:00 pm... I anticipated that there will be trouble for him to get up this morning. Yes, he cried in the morning and asked him why he has to go to school???

It was so great that daddy got involved to get him up, I believe he was so happy when daddy carried him downstairs..

I coudn't sleep very well last night as Micah was too cranky in the midnight, I checked his temperture and he was fine, no fever.  This morning, both Micah and I were too sleepy that we slept again after Moses went to school, we didn't go to mother's club. Micah missed the playing time with the kids.. the leader brought the little kids out for a walk and Micah missed it.

Everything is back to normal and routine, Micah and I picked up Moses from school, and Moses played with the kids in the field for 20 mins.

Micah was too excited to see the snows everywhere, and he walked around and around with the little kids...
Posted by PicasaMicah looks so tiny when he was together with that little girl, why ? because
she is only 18 months old..
One the way back home, Moses told me it was a rough day for him. He shared to me that he made some mistakes when writing in the classroom, he used to write very long article and used different new words, he found some with wrong spelling. I told him because he spent too much time on TV shows and less reading during the reading, he has to learn from the consequences. I am glad that he can reflect on his mistakes and move on..

Sometimes it's better that kids can learn from a lesson, he will remember ! When he got home, he immediately studied his chapter book .

good buddies

We didn't have a plan to have 2nd baby when Moses was 3 years, due to the education system and costs of having children in Hong Kong. We always had a lot of gatherings with my friends, who are the families having the similar background, and we knew each other in a parenting discussing forum after Moses's born. All moms were breast-feeding our babies so we have common topics, common interests.

When Moses was about 3 years old, most of  my friends planned to have the 2nd baby, and some of them were pregnant. Man and I have been convinced to have 2nd baby by our friends but Man was quite insisted on his decision.
I started to be influenced by my friends, especially when seeing the more additions to their families, their 1st children love their sibling very much , and there were a lot of joys, warms from them.
Moses was the only one child in our family at that moment, and he kept asking me if he can have a little brother as well.

I started to pray to God and asked him to change Man's mind.... waiting and waiting for few months, he did change his mind and we tried to have the 2nd one.

In Sept 28 , 2008, Micah was born with a lot of blessings. Moses was so happy to see his brother.
Though they are 5 years apart, they can play together everyday. Of course, sibling rival is common which occurs in my house now, sometimes there is so noisy in the house when they fight for their TV shows, toys, but to me, I found it is a good for them to learn how to get along with people, especially for Moses, he has to learn to share, to love, to care others.

it is so lovely when they sit together.

Micah loves to follow what Moses does, I tell Moses that he has to be a good role model!

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