Monday, January 24, 2011

trouble two !

Trouble two- it is not new to every mom once they have children now. I have ever asked if it happened to Moses when he was two years old, or even 2.1/2 years old?  He behaved very well when he was very little, he seldom gave me hard time in parenting. Moses was very quiet and shy during his first 6 years, while I was sharing with my friends about  my concern for his shyness , my friends comforted me and in the meantime they shared their pains about their parenting for their trouble two! Yes, I remember Moses didn't get a lot of troubles during his earlier stage .

Today I decided not to take any photo for my blog, because I was too busy on a lot of house works on regular Monday, also my little one today was too cranky, naughty that he was trying to test my limit!
A lot of cries, a lot of time-out today were in our house. With minus 25 with wind chill, it felt like minus 32 today, I am glad that mom of Moses's classmate offered me a ride for Moses back to home after school, so that I need not walk under the chilly & cold weather. This afternoon, I thought I could have some time to prepare my supper but Micah woke up in the middle of his nap! Oh, he only slept 1/2 hour this afternoon, so that he behaved very badly !

I was so frustrated when he requested to switch his TV shows every few min! I tried not to satsify him but end up I was suffered more!

I wish I can see some brightness tomorrow!