Friday, February 4, 2011

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simple and delicious - chicken /dry mushroom rice

my 1st trial - " Tong Yuen"

he was too happy!

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kung hei fa choy! Feb 3

Posted by PicasaIt was the 1st day of Chinese New Year,  if we were in Hong Kong, I would let kids dress up in the morning and start the tour of celebration! However, we are now in Moncton, in which nothing special about
Chinese New Year. Anyway, I let Micah dress his costume but I don't think he understand the meaning. He loves taking photos and does a lot of funny faces in front of the camera! He is too cute!

lazy mom?

This week I was too lazy to update my blog, one of the reason is that I fell down on the icy ground while I went to fellowship last Sunday, causing I had sore forearm and wrist! When I left the parking lot, carried Micah and stepped to the door of the farmer market, I didn't aware there were some ice on the deck, I fell down so quickly that I couldn't react immediately. Thanks God that I didn't hurt so much as well as Micah,
Micah was protected by my arm, but my forearm and wrist were so sore after I fell down.

The next day on Monday morning, I felt them more painful and it seemed that I didn't have any energy from them, I rubbed some cream for the pain relief. Therefore, I suddenly was so moody to go into the blog and write something.

One of the disadvantage for being a homemaker is that I could not call for a sick leave when I am sick. I still have to manage my housework, take care of the two little guys at home. Micah was so cranky in the morning that he kept asking me to carry him!
It was so great that I was able to make an appointment with my family doctor as somebody cancelled his appointment. So on Tue morning I could not go to mother's club and I met Doctor Li on Tue morning , he checked and found that it was not too serious and no X-Ray check was needed.  I was given some Advil and asked to buy the cream to ease the pains.

This Thur, it is the 1st day of Chinese New Year, I couldn't feel something about Chinese New Year in here the population of Chinese is so little that there is no China town. To me , I am not kind of very traditional people so I don't care too much whether we need to celebrate Chinese New Year here, but it is true that I need to let my kids know about Chinese New Year. So I decided to cook some Traditional foods for them on the last day of the year of Tiger. I made " Tong Yuen " -Stuffed dumplings on Wed night, stuffed with some black sesame paste . We ate them after supper. I still remember when I was young, I was forced by my mom to eat them because traditionally it means " together for the whole family", however, the " Tong Yuen" my mom made were without any stuffing , which were solely some sticky dumplings, which I don't like .


Moses's favorite book

He loves all about science, he wants to ask him question after his reading!  I found that he learns a lot of new things from his reading!

Micah did a great job! I can't believe that he can totally peel the orange, he doesn't need me to help him!

Moses asked Micah to give him some oranges, but Micah prefered to play games with him..
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little guys

Posted by PicasaIt's hard to explain how happy they are when they play together, sometimes they will agrue, will fight , but
    I know they love each other very much!


too much funs when taking photos with them!

at random in Jan 31 to Feb 4

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at random in Jan 31 ro Feb 4

playing together for their trains

He loves to hide himself when I wanted to change his clothes
He loves taking photos!
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