Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 11- first day of pre-school

Micah started pre-school on March 11 Monday, he was so excited and asked me where we will go in the morning, and I told him he will start going to school! He cannot distinglish what the difference among Magma childminding, Sunday school at church, preschool at small blessing or other play group. To kids, the most importance is to let them play play play...

When he entered into the classroom of Small Blessing, his teacher Debbie came to him and said " good morning Micah, how are you today ?".he was a bit shy and didn't want to respond.. ( it wasn't his character, I know!)  He just pretended to be shy . Ms Debbie then brought him to a table and let him play with lego, and then said bye to me immediately.

It was a very good start and I hope he can learn more from there. I am very glad that I could have some private time for myself, and I plan to go jogging !  Time to do some exercise!

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